Companies shouldn’t fear featuring this!

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Josh Kelly Josh was the marketing director of a small "mom & pop" home services business and scoured the marketplace for a reputation management automation system that suited his needs and vision. He couldn't find it, so he had one built himself. The uniquely architected system helped Parker & Sons grow into a $100 million, loved market-leader within 2 years! They are now the largest in the country. They spun the automated Reputation Management and Marketing System out as RevuKangaroo. Parker & Sons still uses the system and added another $20 million to its revenue this past year and has naturally practiced service excellence that they attribute to RevuKangaroo. Josh Kelly is now the CEO and the company is a market-leader in Reputation Management and Marketing...and is creating the same magic for all its clients! RevuKangaroo's clients grow 15% plus within the first 6 months of using the system!

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