Google reviews are down!

Google is having a glitch right now with their review system that does not allow customers to leave reviews on your Google business listing. When you click on the “write a review” button, instead of letting you write the review and choose the star rating, it simply closes the review window. We have let Google know about the glitch and

RevuKangaroo in 2 – 5 Keys To A Perfect Review

In this episode of RevuKangaroo in 2, we are discussing what a “perfect” review looks like. We have 5 key points that will not only make the reviews more effective to customers, but they will be way less likely to be screened. Take a peek and to see what an ideal review looks like.  

RevuKangaroo in 2- Combating Fake Online Reviews

In this episode of RevuKangaroo in 2, we are covering a topic that comes up all the time… FAKE REVIEWS and how to handle them properly! We will break down some basics of what you can do with reviews you are confident are fake and what you can’t do about them.  

RevuKangaroo in 2 – Home Advisor bought Angies List

In this episode of RevuKangaroo in 2, we are covering a big shake up in the review/lead generation industry. Home Advisor recently purchased Angie’s list! What does that mean if you are using either service, we will let you know everything we know so far!  

RevuKangaroo in 2- Intro

We wanted to introduce an exciting new program we are launching (starting) today and going every week from here until the end of time, RevuKangaroo in 2! Every Tuesday morning we will be doing a weekly vlog where we answer your questions on reviews! You name the subject, we will answer your questions. We are here to help, just let

Things Every Company Should Learn from United Airline’s Social Media Debacle

United Airlines has had a bad month on social media.   Okay – we admit: They’ve had a very bad month. In fact, if there was ever a poster child of just how quickly social media can affect a company’s reputation and brand, United would be it. It’s certainly not the only one, however, as this list of company social

Social Media Policy: 5 Things You Should Never Post from Your Business

  Most articles about business reputation management focus on what can go wrong outside of your control – the bad reviews, the angry customers, the drop in rankings in the search engines. But one of the most important components of online marketing for local businesses is in what you publish. Business social media accounts should be carefully managed with a

Social Media for Employees – Creating Evangelists

Social media for employees is a point of contention for most businesses. When do you post? What do you post about? To whom do you give access in your organization? And on top of all that, are your employees allowed to post about work from personal accounts? It’s a tricky path to navigate and one that even Fortune 500 companies

7 Ways to Increase Feedback and Get More Reviews

One of the most important factors for any small or local business is how easy it is for potential customers to find you online. How can you increase feedback that will improve that visibility? With 92% of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchasing decision, it’s important to consider what they find when they look for businesses like yours in

How Online Reviews will Affect Your Business in 2017

More than any other form of marketing, there is true power in online reviews. BrightLocal reported in 2015 that 92% of people regularly read online reviews. In the same report, 88% of people said they trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations. It’s not just about consumer trust either. Positive reviews can have a direct impact on your