Josh Kelly, CEO, of RevuKangaroo discloses how he’s been able to drive sales without working harder as he was interviewed by Vindya Vee host of Art-of-the-Extraordinary Podcast.

Josh has helped generate countless reviews for businesses. He helped his own family business, a local heating, cooling and plumbing company in Phoenix, grow from $7 million in revenue to over $100 million. He shares his expertise in making a bigger impact with your business without having to spend any more time or effort.

About RevuKangaroo: #1 choice of reputation marketing and customer communication system in the country, being interviewed by Pablo Fuentes host of Small Business War Stories Podcast.

RevuKangaroo is now the #1 choice of digital reputation management and service-excellence development system in the country.
Anyone looking for:
●The best choice of reputation management system…
●that helps you geo-target and dominate specific geographies
●has email and text marketing communications systems you can go nuts with
●a robust management dashboard with unlimited surveying and reporting capabilities
…chooses RevuKangaroo

AKA “Revenue Kangaroo”

The company also offers:
✔5-Star Jams a digital skills development video series
✔Accomplished leaders who can bring service-excellence and communications trainings to you

The system was originally developed for HVAC home services businesses, so it’s ridiculously simple to use and helps you dominate specific geographies.
You attract higher quality people and activity in your doors.
Plus, you get support from an accomplished group of leaders who have grown loved market-leaders into the hundreds of millions in revenue.

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Little Known Strategy to Increase Sales Without Working Harder

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