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The Best Way to Manage Your Online Reviews. Be Found, Inspire Employee Performance AND Stay in Control!

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Long, But Great Tips for Actually Causing Business Growth!

Triple Threat Marketing 3 Smart & Proven Ways to Market to Customers for Business Growth Everyone drives better with a cop behind them. Think about the last time you were on the road and you noticed an officer in your rearview mirror or even in the lane next to you. What did you do? Put both hands on the wheel?

Harnessing the Power of Testimonials, Reviews, and Case Studies

What Are They and What Can They Do For Your Business Savvy marketers know that while what they say about a product or service is important, it’s equally as important to share the voice of your clients. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies are some of the most powerful tools you can pull out of your toolbox, and we’re here to tell you

15 Creative Ways to Engage Customers with Infographic

  When was the last time you saw Susan Sell, your favorite customer? She used to call twice a month but seems to have fallen off your radar these days. In fact, many of your repeat customers have. But the question you should be asking isn’t “Where are my customers”, it should be “How can I engage customers?” Staying in

Email Marketing Explained – the Effortless Way to Gain More Patients

2018 has landed in an era of connectivity. In a time of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart refrigerators, potential patients are more reachable than ever. And although it may seem outdated, it is time for your practice to begin focusing on the most important digital tool available – email marketing. Your first reaction may be to scoff at the idea.

How to Handle Negative Reviews with Infographic

It’s no secret that customers value their 21st century right to read and leave reviews for businesses online. This right is so valued, in fact, that 97% of customers have reported reading online reviews for local businesses in 2017. This means that every business is fair game to become victim to negative reviews at any moment. As a business owner,

AdWord Campaign Breakdown: How to Advertise on Google

To the inexperienced, learning how to advertise on Google can seem terrifying. What are Google AdWords campaigns? Are they the same as Google My Business pages or paid ads? And what about that new term being thrown around, Local Services?  It’s easy for anyone not used to creating an online presence to feel confused. But Google’s ad services don’t have to

Creative Ways to Motivate Employees to Get Reviews

You know getting online reviews are important… but how do you convince your team or employees to actually ask for them? You can use an automated system like ours, but if that isn’t an option, you need to get creative. We have had hundreds of clients to bounce ideas off of and test ways to get people motivated to get

How to Dispute a Bad Google Review

Have you ever had a Google review that wasn’t a legitimate review? There is nothing more frustrating than getting a 1-star review and it is from a disgruntled employee, a customer that never did business with you and worse of all… a bad review from a jealous competitor. Unfortunately, reviews like that are created all too often. Google isn’t designed